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Songs by Postie
Songs - LP
Postie (11/19/2020)

Songs by Postie is a collection of songs performed by Postie.

Catching Up With Doc P

Doc P

We catch up with Doc P to find out what he has been up to with his music, and when we can expect the next Doc P release.


Direct Intent by Doc P
Direct Intent - LP
Doc P (06/09/2017)

A full-length vocal release featuring 13 songs of varied styles.


To Be Announced
To Be Announced
Coming Soon

We are excited to be announce that we will be releasing details on our next project very soon!

Expect more info sometime in the coming months.

Postie Media Blog - Latest Posts

Doc P

Catching Up With Doc P

By Postie Media Staff

In 2017 Doc P released Direct Intent (Freshly Baked Beats vol. 1), which of course implied that a volume 2 would follow. We catch up with Doc P to find out what he has been up to in the meantime, and when we can expect the next release.


Postie Media Group is a collective of underrepresented artists from across the media spectrum. Our one uniting trait is that we are all committed to providing alternative choices in our own respective media realms.

Through Freshly Baked Beats, we record and release underground music. Millwood MobSquad is our wing for online entertainment such as gameplay videos and podcasts. We have more projects in the works, so keep an eye on this site the coming months for more info.

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