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2023 Spring Update

May 18, 2023
By Doc P

This blog was established last year with the intent of posting regular updates on each Postie Media endeavor whenever there was some kind of progress to report. Unfortunately 2022 was a slow enough year that until now, there was only one post, (now deleted since the same subject will be covered here.) There just wasn’t enough coming out to talk about.

Almost midway through the year now, there is a lot coming down the pipeline however, so it’s feast or famine as usual here. A more steady flow of releases would definitely be preferred, but this is sometimes what you get when the motto is: “It isn’t ready until it’s ready.” In that time, Postie Media has been expanded from just music, to online entertainment on YouTube, and now the ubiquitous Postie Media Gear Store has been opened to go along with it!

Gear Store:

I’m joking a bit above, because it’s not too big of a deal these days to set up an online merchandise store, but this is something that I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time, especially the t-shirts for Doc P and Postie. Finally everyone can have cool band shirts for my music, just like the ones I used to buy at the mall as a teen. Also on offer is gear from each Postie Media endeavor, including the big gold PM logo.

I spent quite a bit of time on making sure the designs were just right, which included ordering a bunch of them myself back in July of last year to have them in hand and make sure they hold up to regular wear and washing. I am seeing better results than I expected after half a year. Only one didn’t hold up as well as I would have liked, so I pulled it from the store, and the rest are almost like new still. At this point, I feel comfortable finally making them available to you.

New shirts and more in the Postie Media Gear Store

Freshly Baked Beats:

There are currently several potential FBB releases in progress of being worked on at the studio, all slowly getting closer to release as they’re being worked on a bit here and a bit there.

Vocal recording has become a bit of a bottleneck, but there are definitely multiple Doc P projects that are still in the works. One is very heavy. Distortion and guitars, the drums are more rock and less hip-hop. Another one will be like old-school 80’s or 90’s rap. Not exactly emulating that style but more of an homage: if I had made music in that era, what would it have sounded like?

Before either of those come out though, there will be a few other surprises for long-time Doc P fans. Al I’ll say is that I’ve been looking at the back catalog, and have realized how much my production capabilities have expanded since I last worked on any of those. There will be new Postie music soon too, and much more to come in the future as well. Stay tuned.

Dope beats await you on the Freshly Baked Beats site

Millwood MobSquad:

Once upon a time Millwood MobSquad was a podcast where a pack of jokers discussed news about the video game and home electronics industries. There was a YouTube channel to supplement it with a few videos of Grand Theft Auto Online.

That only lasted for a couple of years, and as the last joker standing I’ve been mulling over what exactly I should do with the site and channel since then. With a couple of topics percolating, and a desire to explore more informative “talk content” with a visual element, I was leaning toward YouTube as my main medium, with the site there playing more of a support role.

Then last year, a particular game developer/publisher that I used to like a lot kept making seemingly boneheaded decisions on what to do with my favorite live service game(s), but I wasn’t seeing much complaint in the places I go online to discuss such things. I finally had enough and decided to launch the channel without much of a plan on where to take it, just to catch that story while it was topical.

I knew I had a four to six month window, and was able to barely figure out video capture and editing in time to make it work. My half-hour rant was finally released in September prior to the relevant launch, but the channel has been quiet since then. I don’t recommend you head there quite yet, unless you are really interested in World of Warcraft, and probably specifically the classic servers for it, or I guess if you just want to hear thirty minutes of me nerding out about a fantasy game.

The second video in that series is more of a general interest topic which could apply to a very large number of games. I’ll go over a few examples from old MobSquad favorite series like The Elder Scrolls and of course, Grand Theft Auto. No spoilers on the specific topic here though.

There will be more of those deep-dive type videos coming out this year, and some slightly less-polished gameplay videos, which could possibly lead to a regular upload schedule. No promises, but that is where I am leaning at the moment.

Gameplay and opinion videos from Millwood MobSquad

Other Things:

When I released Direct Intent in 2017, it was the culmination of a lifelong dream for me: my first full-length solo LP. Since then, I’ve built up a catalog I can be proud of with over one LP per year on average across all FBB artists, even counting the current drought. As I mentioned above, I’ve been wanting the new t-shirts for about as long as I wanted to go solo. That’s yet another life’s goal accomplished (in at least some rudimentary way).

My aspirations for publishing on YouTube haven’t been as long-standing as the others, but after doing the podcast, and nothing similar for a few years since, it’s important for me to have a platform to express my opinions about my favorite entertainment industry. (Even if it is in a way that is only slightly better than shouting at my monitor about the news.) So what I am doing now with Millwood MobSquad ticks another box off of my bucket list.

That leaves 2 major goals of mine left that could potentially be expressed through Postie Media, though at the time there really is only one viable form of art left for me to debut. (Since I don’t see any reason for anyone to want an action figure of me, yet...)

I don’t have any details to share at the moment, but it is my goal to have the final question mark on the home page of this site revealed by the end of the year, with all sorts of good information on the fourth arm of Postie Media: what it is, and who might even want it. All I will say until then is that this will be the culmination of everything I have done so far, both on the creative side and as a drone in the corporate space. It’s going to be big.

So that is where we are for now, but things are always changing, and there are a lot of impending releases on the calendar this year. Going forward, I’ll probably post about each endeavor separately whenever there is more to say.

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